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If your circumstances are not entirely straightforward, rental can often be the best solution. Here at Express, we are proud to be the only local, Cornish company offering curved stairlift rental. Our modular product works perfectly for a reconditioned purchase, but it also allows us to offer rental lifts for curved stairs. This innovative system means that, as with all of our non-bespoke products, we can offer a totally non-committal installation - we install, you try the lift, when you're happy you pay and if for any reason you don't wish to proceed, we remove the lift that day without charge - Simple!

When ordering a rental stairlift, we can give you a price for rental and purchase. If you are not sure which is the best choice for you, we will install the lift on a rental basis and if you change your mind within that first month, simply pay us the balance of the pre-agreed purchase price and the lift is yours. And we will still give you a full twelve month warranty and a free service at the end of year one.

Why not call 0800 530 0007 or call into our showroom to see our range of lifts and options.

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