Guaranteed Buy Back

Stairlift advisor explaining documents to man and woman

We now offer a buy back service on some lift models. 

Are you unsure about the future but would prefer to buy than rent?

Here at Express Stairlifts we are proud to offer a guaranteed buy back on certain models. As we rent straight and curved stairllifts, for a small fee we will buy your stairlift back as rental stock. Where most dealerships will either say that they don’t buy back or at best, will remove your recently purchased lift free of charge, here at Express we will buy your stairlift back by treating your purchase as a rental - so here’s how it works:

Let's say that you buy a new Handicare 950 straight stairlift and choose the buy-back option at point of sale and pay your buy-back surcharge. Six months later you decide to move into a bungalow and no longer need your lift. At this point, and at your request, we will treat your purchase as a rental, calculate how much money you would have paid for the same lift on rental terms, subtract this from the original purchase price (less the buy-back surcharge) and give you the balance as a refund. We will then professionally remove the lift from your home by appointment and leave the stairway clear.

A simple, but practical solution to stairlift purchase if you are not entirely sure what the future may hold.