Curved stairlifts

If the staircase in your home is more complex, we have a selection of curved stairlift options, to rent or buy, with a solution for even the most complex staircase configuration. Call 0800 530 0007 to discuss your options.

You will find some useful answers to common questions listed below:


What can I expect to pay? How quickly can my curved stairlift be installed? How long does it take to install a curved stairlift? What if my stairlift meets an obstruction? What if there is a door at the top or at the foot of my curved staircase? What if I only have a cavity or stud wall next to my stairs - will it be strong enough? What can I do if my staircase is narrow?
Van Gogh

A safe, smooth and comfortable ride, even on the most complicated curved staircases.

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Handicare 4000

A versatile British-made stairlift, which will hug the edge of your staircase tightly, the Handicare 4000 will allow for more pedestrian room where required.

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A special stairlift designed for the inside bend of stairs.

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Handicare 2000

A versatile stairlift, the Handicare 2000 will hug the edge of your staircase tightly, leaving you with more room.

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Modular Rail

A fully modular stairlift rail, in both rental and reconditioned options.

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