Choosing a stairlift

Stairlift on curved stair with seated manChoosing a stairlift can be daunting, so here at Express we try to dispel some of the myths and make the whole process seamless and smooth.

The first thing to do is identify which type of stairlift correctly suits your needs and moreover, your staircase.

You will either need a straight lift or a curved lift and both are briefly outlined here. You will find a guide to stairlift types and the relevant lift required in our rental brochure which you can download here.

And don't forget, we also rent both curved and straight stairlifts so even if you only need a lift for a short period of time, we can supply a lift with low monthly costs and no fixed or minimum term. Download Handicare's guide to stairlifts or download our rental brochure which includes rental costs and a guide to choosing curved or straight lifts.

As ever, all of our purchased stairlifts, whether new or reconditioned, come with a full twelve month warranty and a free of charge service at the end of year one. We also offer three different levels of extended warranty for further peace of mind. Why not call our team now to get an instant quote or to book your free of charge, no obligation survey and let us give you back the freedom of your own home?

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Stairlift with man seated on straight staircase

If the staircase in your home has no bends or curves, we have a selection of straight stairlift options to rent or buy. All of our straight lifts come with twin remote controls, easy to use on board controls and can often be installed next day. Call 0800 530 0007 or call into our showroom to see our range.

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Stairlift with woman seated on curved staircase

If the staircase in your home is more complex, we have a selection of curved stairlift options to rent or buy. The choice across our curved stairlift range is impressive and we can offer solutions for even the most complex staircase configuration. Call 0800 530 0007 or call into our showroom to see our range.

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