Stairlift advisor explaining rent/buy optionsStairlift rental and purchase

Is rental or purchase the better option - what are the choices?

At Express we offer both!

Whether to rent or buy is often a tricky question:

  • Is there a minimum term?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • If I rent, who pays for maintenance?
  • If I buy, what happens when my warranty expires?

It really depends on your own, often unique, personal circumstances.

Here at Express we make everything simple. We will advise on both options as we offer purchase or rental on both curved and straight lifts.

Watch a video guide to choosing, ordering and using your stairlift.

Download Express Stairlifts brochure

Stairlift Rental

If you only need a lift for a short period of time or you like the thought of fully inclusive maintenance, we can supply a rental lift with low monthly costs and no fixed or minimum term. You can download our rental brochure which includes prices for renting curved and straight lifts.

If your circumstances are not entirely straightforward, rental can often be the best solution. Why not call 0800 530 0007 to discuss our range of lifts and options.

Stairlift Purchase

It doesn't really matter what your stairs look like as, here at Express, we have a solution to all stair types. Whether you wish to purchase a brand new, bespoke curved lift or a standard, straight stairlift, we genuinely have all the options you need. 

We have a range of clever products to navigate tricky obstacles and even if you think your stairs my be narrow or awkward, we always find a solution. Why not call 0800 530 0007 to discuss our range of lifts and options.