Straight stairlifts

If the staircase in your home has no bends or curves, and you require a stairlift that is straight, we have a selection of options to rent or buy.

All come with twin remote controls and easy to use onboard controls, and they can often be installed next day.

You will find useful answers to some commonly asked questions below:


How much does it cost? How quickly can my straight stairlift be installed? How long will installation take? What happens if something obstructs the lift? What if I only have a cavity or stud wall next to my stairs - will it be strong enough? What happens if there is a power cut? What if there is a door at the top or at the foot of my straight staircase?



We are very thankful that we chose Express Stairlifts Southwest to install our Handicare stairlift. The whole experience has been very professional and took less than a week. The installation itself took less than two and half hours and everything left clean and tidy. It is straightforward to use and is just what we wanted. Everything was explained clearly and at no time was any pressure on us to make a choice. Highly recommend them.

~ Jenny Campos⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Stairlift Models

Handicare 1100

Handicare's all-new friction drive stairlift provides our smoothest ever ride for all straight staircases.

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Handicare 1100 Powered

An advanced friction drive stairlift with automated seat swivel and footrest for ease of use.

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Handicare 1100 Slidetrack

The only stairlift that can deal with the issues that doorways and open corridors create for straight stairlifts, on both floors.

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Access BDD HomeGlide

The Access BDD HomeGlide stairlift is the ultimate marriage of design and functionality for any straight staircase.

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HomeGlide Extra

The HomeGlide stairlift with powered options that give you that little extra.

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Handicare Outdoor

A fully waterproofed stairlift for straight runs of stairs outside.

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