HomeGlide Extra

HomeGlide Extra Package

By choosing the HomeGlide Extra package, you will receive all the features and benefits of the HomeGlide standard, together with further benefits, to ensure the most comfortable ride. The HomeGlide Extra proves to be the ultimate marriage of design and functionality for any straight staircase.


Linked footrest

With the HomeGlide Extra package, your lift will come with a powered linked footrest. This feature makes it almost effortless when unfolding the chair, as the footrest is connected to the seat - eliminating the need to bend down and have any unnecessary strain on your body.


Ergonomic seat

Designed by experts, all HomeGlide models feature an ergonomic moulded seat designed to positively influence your posture, while offering maximum comfort during travel. In addition, with the HomeGlide Extra package, you can choose from four different seat heights for a more tailored fit.


Powered swivel seat

The HomeGlide Extra package automatically upgrades you to the powered swivel seat, which automatically turns the chair at the top landing as you maintain pressure on the joystick. This enables a safe exit from the chair as the lift automatically rotates towards the staircase landing.



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